Map my fitness

Languages : English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
Content Rating : Rated 4+
Size : 71MB

 In the race to stay fit and healthy, there have been several apps that are now able to bring fitness to the one aspect of our lives that is constantly with us – our smart phones. However, there haven’t been as many apps as I’d like that utilize all the power and features of modern day smart phones.

This GPS based app lets you understand in detail the amount of time and effort that you are investing into your personal fitness. The all in one fitness tracker collects, logs and records your workout making it easier for you to focus on the physical activity itself.

You can check your vitals (which I found to be quite accurate) including the number of calories you’ve burned, the distance completed, the duration and pace among other vital metrics. The app also analyses

this information and provides suggestions so that you can design your own work out, based on your personal data. You can even set personal challenges and push yourself to more limits than you thought possible.

The app connects with a variety of devices including Android Wear, the iWatch and other wearables including the Jawbone Up, the Garmin connect etc, all of which pull in information about your workout such as your BMI, pulse rate, heartbeat rate, and the amount of calories burnt to give you accurate information that lets you pace yourself effectively during your workout.

The app also helps keep track of your daily nutrition, where you can log in the total calorie values of the meals you have consumed each day.

The app analyses and correspondingly increases or decrease the amount of exercise needed to ensure you stay on your target of staying fit! The app also displays the nutritional value of common foods such as brownies, cake, pizza etc., so that you know what you are about to eat.

The map my route feature was the definite favourite as it allows me to set my travel points as I go, and the app calculates a whole bunch of relevant data including the distance, vitals, weather and traffic based on my route.

The app is a fantastic addition to the Calorie Counter app and the Map My Ride app, all from the trusted stables of My Fitness Pal.
Free to download and install, the app is available on devices running iOS7 and up, and Android 2.3 and up.