Crossy Road

Languages : English
Content Rating : Rated 4+
Size : 25MB

Crossy road is what results from the madness when you try and mash up the “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road” question with a modern version of “Frogger”. This app is simply addictive.


The aim of the game is simple, to get as far ahead as you can while the world just passes you by. Featuring nearly 90 characters, from the original chicken to the UniHorse and Thoroughbred, fishes out of water, to robots, wizards, the Queen’s guard, and snails, cats dogs, sheep and what not; the aim of the game is to make your character cross the road. Well, not just the road, but also train lines, decorative arches, cherry tree gardens and a stream that has passing logs of wood that give you the smallest amount of time to make a decision and move forward. Add to this a Bald Eagle that screams down the screen and grabs you if you wait too long, and you have a game that has got you hooked!

The scoring is based simply on how far you can go with just one life. No revives, nothing. Simply get into gear and keep moving forward; thus making the game the ideal choice for a quick bit of killing time. Tapping takes you forward, while swiping in any cardinal direction makes you change your direction.

The design elements are a fusion of retro and modern, with a good splash of classic arcade. The retro look boxy design in pastel colours and pixelated characters, along with game play in any orientation make this game as interesting as flappy bird! One minute or a week, this game is guaranteed to offer fun as you keep collecting coins and points.

There is an additional battery saver mode that reduces the frame rate, which also makes the game more fluid at the cost of a few lesser frames. Game Center and Google Play lets you keep your scores safe, and also to compete with your friends in the virtual realm of the latest, and what seems to be the best version of Frogger.

If you sign in online it will also post the best scores of your friend’s on the tracks as well. The game is free to play, with a few characters which can be unlocked at 100 coins each and the rest as purchasable characters including the mad wizard who blows up trees, and a piggy bank. Available for iOS devices having iOS7 and up, and for Android devices having 2.3 and up