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The Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal Inc., is simply the easiest way to keep track of your daily dietary intake. Powered by Under Armor by the wearable fitness division, Calorie Counter lets you keep track and set goals – to lose weight, to maintain your weight or to gain mass.

Being a fairly active person, I set my goal to maintain weight. Post the usual signing in process where I was asked to enter my personal details including my height and weight,

the app offered my target calorie intake to be around 2,800 calories. The app has a convenient counter that allows me to keep track of my fat intake as well.

For example, when I added in my breakfast intake of 3 servings of buttered white bread (1 serving has 2 slices), the app offered a gentle notification that my fat intake per day ismeant to be 94 grams, while this current portion accounts for 45 grams.

The app has a handy indicator that lets the user know how many calories have been consumed, how many have been burnt through exercise, and offers the total remainder of how many calories the user can then consume in a day.

As each food is added, the app also offers helpful hints about how much each food affects the diet. For example, it shows how much fiber, protein or fats are present and a handy green, yellow or red dial that indicates how good that particular food is for you accompanies each of these.

The app also gives you your projected weight in a 5 week period, and helps you keep track on a daily basis. Another fantastic feature is the ability to add friends to keep track of their fitness goals,

where you can encourage them to work on their diet with you! The app also allows a handy interface option with other fitness/health tracker apps and wearables including Endomondo, MapMyFitness/Ride, Garmin Connect/Jawbone Up etc.

Free to download on both the app stores, this app is a must have for those who are keen on fitness!
Works on iOS7 and above, Android 2.3 and above.