Languages : English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish
Content Rating : Rated 4+
Size : 12MB

Okay is one of those games that has a typical Indie-feel, minimalist design, what seems like a boring theme going for it, and a bit of attitude that leans towards what seems like an I-don-t-care. Then you begin playing the game, and find yourself immersed in a game that offers as much fun and challenge as probably Flappy Bird could.

The game begins with minimal instruction on what you are actually meant to do. The aim of the game is simple – draw a line from any point on the screen towards the object on the screen. The aim is an advanced version of pong, where you get to bounce a little black ball off obstacles

. Each bounce clears that obstacle and sends the little black ball onwards to its next destination. Aim right, and you can knock out all the obstacles with a single move. Miss, and well, you start again.

It’s quite simple and it is this simplicity that makes it all the more interesting. The game progresses to the next level when you’ve cleared all the obstacles on the screen. It’s simply a game of how well you can predict the way the little black ball moves –sort of like a multiple pocket shot in Pool/Snooker.

The game gets a little complicated with the introduction of the solid black pieces that make the ball bounce off them.

Not so much a headache until they start oscillating and moving about the screen, and all of sudden, the game becomes a challenge in timing, dexterity, skill and a whole lot of patience.

The game in itself offers a lot of fun, and its simplistic interface makes it easy to keep playing without getting nauseous (unlike some of the techno-coloured overly graphical games on the Appstores these days). Free to download and install, the game runs on devices running iOS 7 and up, and Android 2.3 and up.