Fertility Friend Tracker

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With over half a million downloads, Fertility Friend Tracker is one of the most trusted fertility trackers that are available on the app store currently.

The initial glance doesn’t inspire much confidence, however, after installing the app was when it’s actual quality showed through. The app allows women to keep track of their menstrual cycles, the ovulation window and offers a tracker that predicts the right ovulation dates. Although unsure of the app,

I installed it on the recommendation of a friend, and while the initial appearance is one of clutter, as you sort through the different sections of the app, it reveals its true side as a quality app that makes life oh-so-much easier.


The app requires initial information including the last dates of the menstrual cycle, fertility signs including basal body temperature, symptoms, quality of the cervical fluid etc., after which you can add the same on to the calendar.

The calendar section of the app keeps track of the ovulation cycle and offers handy hints and tips as you progress through the month. Based on the initial values that you input and the subsequent inputs, the app creates a personalized tracker that tells you the optimum window of time when you are most fertile and can conceive with ease.

The app also displays the data as a chart and helps you stay on top of your cycle by tracking your fertility signs. The calendar is also quite intuitive, with color coded days for each phase of the cycle and offers timely insights and useful information if you are looking to get pregnant. The app also features an additional passcode feature to prevent unnecessary snooping of your personal data.

The tracker also lets you input all data related to your fertility cycle including your daily notes, symptoms, medication, mood type and default physiological data. The app is free to download, and offers a premium version where you can keep track of your pregnancy and also interact on forums with other mums-to-be to get and share useful information. Available on both app stores.

The app is available for devices supporting iOS7 and up, and Android 2.3 and up.