Dictator: Outbreak

Languages : English
Content Rating : Rated 12+ for the following: Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor Infrequent/Mild Alcoh
Size : 61MB

In this highly addictive game, you are introduced as the dictator to a fledgling democratic republic. While the whole concept seems ironical that you are a dictator in a democracy, the game becomes more and more interesting as it progresses. You are basically required to interact with different factions – the Police, the Army, the Oligarchs, the Opposition, the People and your Family. All of these have been unlocked for free in the latest update.


You have been granted unlimited power to take decisions that will make or break your country. In a turn based scenario; with each move, you are required to respond to a scenario with a decision in response to a question. Choose wisely so that you do not show any one faction any favouritism. Each positive response a faction receives is marked by a single cross, each negative makes you lose a cross or two (depending on how bad your choice is). The twist to the game is, each decision you take affects all six of the factions. So, you never really have an opportunity where everyone is going to be happy. You earn golden crosses once a faction has 10 regular crosses, which means you earn additional income on each turn from every faction that has golden crosses. Each faction requires your attention, and you are allowed only one interaction with each faction consecutively; simply put, if you choose your family and respond to the query, then you have to choose from any of the other five, you cannot choose the family again. Remember to choose wisely as if the number of crosses drops below three for any faction for two consecutive terms, you will end up with a revolution on your hands! Also, if you run out of money, you will face a revolution calling for your removal! In the midst of this, your republic is affected by war, greedy neighbours, conniving factions and epidemics; and in each situation, your responses decide your popularity. The only downside to this game is that you cannot save your progress when you exit, and every time you boot up the game, it’s a fresh start. Offering hundreds of hours of fun and intrigue, Dictator: Outbreak is simply addictive and fun! Available on both app stores, for devices supporting iOS7 and up and Android 2.3 and upwards.