Lose it!

Languages : English
Content Rating : Rated 4+
Size : 52MB

Lose It! seems like another app in the whole genre of calorie counters and weight loss apps, in that it seems to offer the same bunch of features in a repacked layout. However, there are several features that have made this app stand out for me, and this has made this my go-to app when I need to keep track of my diet.

The interface of the app is pretty simplistic, it starts off by asking you a few personal details including your height, weight and so on, and the amount you exercise.

The app then creates a custom plan based on your need of how much you weight you would like to lose. The app then keeps track of your daily calorie consumption and offers inputs on what to consume, and how much more of each category you can further consume.

The app also lets you connect with peers and family, to form support groups and to keep you motivated in achieving your goals. One feature that I have loved in the app is the food database that keeps up with global cuisine. There is hardly any type of food that you might not find on the app. The app even has a barcode scanner that can quickly scan the contents of a can and let you know the calorific value of its contents.

The really interesting part is how well thought out each of the custom plans are. The app, based on your requirement allows you to keep a track of not just your dietary requirements and exercise, but also on things like your sleep cycles and blood pressure in the premium version. The app lets you connect to premium wearables that can then transmit your data to the app which then calculates the appropriate response in accordance to your plan.

The app is free to download on both Appstores, and is available for devices supporting Android 4.0 and up, and iOS 7 and up.